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Our Services

 Miles Delivery&Movers has the tools and skills to transport your valuables properly. We have many services available to fit all of your needs. Whether you require a moving or delivery service, we will always be able to help you. First Miles Delivery also has junk removal services available.

Loading Boxes in teh Truck
Loading Boxes in teh Truck

Local Moving

Need some assistance preparing for your move to a new location? Are you preparing to send a large item off for delivery? Looking for a quick, high-quality delivery company in Las Vegas,NV? First Miles Delivery can help you with all those and more! Based in Las vegas,NV, our company specializes in safely getting your valuables to and from their locations. We serve all our homes, rental properties and other residential properties within Las vegas? Give us a call today at 725-780-6463 for  your free initial quote.

Express Same-Day Courier Services

First Miles Delivery can deliver any items and products on short notice! Once you contact us, one of our team members will further assist in transporting your item. If you have an item that requires packaging, we can also handle that for you! We will take care of any prep that your product requires before shipping. We will then move forward with delivering your item to its following location.


We make sure to keep our customers informed of the entire delivery journey. First Miles Delivery dedicates our time to providing professional and safe services for your same-day delivery needs.

    Benefits of Same-Day Delivery

  • Speed

  • Convenience

  • Secure and Professional Handling

  • Customized Services

  • Cost-Effective

Old wooden furnitures and bulky waste in front of a house.jpg

Storage Services

Getting ready to make that big move to a new location? First Miles Delivery in Las Vegas NV, can make the transition seamless and affordable. Moving to a new area requires a lot, both mentally and physically. When you hire Fist Miles delivery, we make the process as straightforward as possible.

Junk Removal

Do you have a lot of unwanted or unused clutter in your home? An easy way to remove them is by hiring a junk removal company. Lucky for you, First Miles Delivery in Las Vegas, NV, offers junk removal services! Our work goes beyond delivery and moving services. We have all the adequate equipment to remove debris from your homes. You will have a cleaner and more open space in your home in no time.

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